Chris H. Fleming, D.M.D.
1660 Jesse Jewell Pkwy NE, Suite B
Gainesville, GA 30501
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Dr. Fleming,

I want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and consideration.  I appreciate your willingness to work appointments into my schedule.

You should be proud of your staff!  I cannot recall ever being treated with more professionalism, kindness and good humor than I was in your office.

While I am in no hurry to have another root canal, I cannot imagine that there was anything more that could possibly have been done to make that experience as pleasant as possible,


Rusty Smith
Dr. Fleming did a root canal on my 11 year old daughter's tooth.  It went smoothly with no pain!  Dr. Fleming is very detailed and does not rush things to get to the next patient.  He even has a tv with headphones for his patients to watch a movie while he works on their teeth!  SpongeBob helped take her mind off of the fact that he was working in her mouth.  We highly recommend Dr. Fleming!

Dr. Fleming and Staff,

Thanks so much for taking such good care of me.  Your office has such compassionate staff!  They make you feel welcome at the office and make sure to limit your anxiety by explaining everything in depth to the patient.  I have never been to a doctor's office that took such good care of me and followed up with me.  You were all so nice and kind! 

May God bless you, your staff, and your practice!


D Kytle
Dr Fleming, your assistants, & office staff: What an awesome team you have put together. Professional, polite, patient,courteous...good adjectives to describe everyone. I had quite a problem when my dentist referred me... a pretty serious infection. I became a "regular" in the office for about 6 months. Never had any problems scheduling or rescheduling if something came up. Office staff is marvelous on the phone; but, after spending time with Dr Fleming it would be a surprise if the staff wasn't as nice as he is. I will refer to your office whenever I have the opportunity. I do sing your praises. Thank you and thank you again for saving my tooth...
Debbie Lyter

I wanted to say thank you for making today's visit one of the easiest dental appointments I've had.... AND without gas! The movie definitely helped. And the shots were pretty much painless.

I posted this on my Facebook wall: "Just left Dr. Fleming's office (Endodontist) in Gainesville... for the first time in my life I had a painless shot!!! My dentist anxiety may be coming to an end. Thank you Dr. Fleming!"


I want to thank you and your staff for having such great professionalism and patience during my appointment.  The staff and environment created such a relaxing atmosphere that I feel asleep during my root canal.  I never thought I would hear myself say those words!  I will, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Fleming to anyone that requires this procedure!
J Shadburn
Thank you to both you and your staff for your most exceptional care during my root canal!
Your wonderful bedside manner made the whole procedure very comfortable!! 

I will approach my upcoming adventure with much less worry and will certainly recommend your office  should the opportunity arise.
How often do you hear yourself saying, "I am looking forward to see my endodontist!"
Well, I did, today.  

Fleming Endodontics practices what they state in their mission, completely. Excellence is never compromised here. I always feel like I am the only patient for which they are caring.  They do so with an honest interest in me, great professionalism and skill. Dr. Fleming saved another tooth of mine today - yay! 

Did I mention that I never wait more than few minutes to be seen? 

Thank you, Dr. Fleming and Staff! 
I have had the "fortune" of visiting Dr. Fleming more than once.  He and his staff have consistently given me immediate attention and kept my pain and inconvenience at a minimum.

The office is extremely nice as well as the staff.  Dr. Fleming and his staff have always gone above and beyond to accommodate my schedule while alleviating my pain in a timely manner.

Who wouldn't want to watch a movie while having a root canal??
L Townley
Anyone who knows me, knows how anxious I am sitting in a dentist's chair!

I arrived to my appointment very nervous and concerned; but, I left feeling relaxed and comfortable.

My root canal was truly a painless experience, with very little pain afterward.

I would recommend Dr. Fleming for any procedure you have.

Hopefully I will not need his services again!  However, if I do, I will be confident I have chosen the right doctor.
Dr. Fleming and his staff are great!

The office personnel are very professional and explain the process, including the costs, very clearly to you.  There were no surprises.

Their first concern is your safety and comfort.  The entire office was very kind and professional. 

Hopefully, I will not have to go back for another root canal, but if I do, I would go to him. 

V Calvin
On my first visit to Dr. Fleming's office, I noticed the soft and inviting décor.  Centered on a lovely table was a picture of three young boys. I was impressed with all three:  one quite thoughtful, one happy, and one full of life!
On my last visit, as I prepared to leave, I noticed the wonderful picture again. I thought how much those three boys represented Dr. Fleming's office. Thoughtful and professional, happy and friendly, and full of life!  Also:  helpful and kind.
My goodness, Dr. Fleming, you have created a wonderful service!  But who ever heard of a dental office (a root canal no less) being so comforting???
Thank you to you and your great staff for a very successful and pain relieving experience!

M Steele
Both of my visits have been as good as "getting a root canal" could be! 

Not only is patient care excellent while you're there, but post procedure follow-up and care are also equally as good.

First visit, Dr. Fleming saved a tooth that had been short-filled by a regular dentist. Second visit was a "routine" root canal if there is such a thing.

Again, Dr. Fleming’s attention to detail and excellent skills made for an uneventful procedure.

Even though endodontic services aren't cheap, you, by and large, get what you pay for.

I highly recommend Dr. Fleming and his staff, and will not hesitate to return if his services are needed in the future.

I was very satisfied with the care I received when an unexpected root canal was needed!
Dr. Fleming and his staff were caring, patient, and extremely professional throughout the process.
I was at a point of high anxiety, and I believe they treated me extra gently and carefully.
I would highly recommend Fleming Endodontics.

I had a root canal a couple of weeks ago and was very nervous about it. I was overwhelmed by how easy it was. Dr. Fleming and his team are so kind and warm. They are extremely good at what they do. The office is inviting and comfortable, the tools and technology they use are top-of-the-line and even the local anesthetic shots were relatively painless. I would highly recommend Fleming Endodontics to anyone!
My experience was above and beyond my expectations.

From the estimate to the insurance filing. I only had to pay my part.

Most importantly the procedure went flawlessly with no problems. 

I would recommend this place to anyone and have already told my great experience to many people
I would like to say my hat is off for Dr Fleming and his staff!

If there is such a thing that was the best root canal ever, award goes to them!!

Awesome job!! 

The office personnel were all very kind and helpful.

The doctor was very professional and the surgery done was as comfortable as possible.

I will tell my friends and others that Dr Fleming is top notch in my book!
I had a root canal and it was so easy from start to finish!

Everyone was so nice and helpful!

The actual procedure was not bad at all!

I would recommend his services!
Dr. Fleming did a root canal for me today and what a delightful experience it was...especially considering that particular kind of procedure!

He was thorough in his explanations; he was calm and confident during the procedure, checking on how I was doing periodically; and he was efficient and focused.

I felt no pain whatsoever.  His assistant was equally competent and considerate. The two of them worked together like one person.

The staff, too, was amazing. One thing that impressed me was the feeling of calm in the emotional atmosphere of his office.

Let me add that I have experiences a number of dental specialists over the years. Dr. Fleming now ranks at the top!
D Mize